Money needs your Light!

Most of us grew up with an incorrect or incomplete understanding of what money is. And so it’s no surprise that so many have a dysfunctional relationship with money and an unhappy experience around abundance. And it’s no surprise that our collective experience of abundance is so imbalanced too.

Some think money is evil and we should rid the world of it as soon as possible, some totally hate or shun money, while some see it as a “necessary evil” and so at least give it a little respect!

There was a time when I turned away from the world of money in favour of following a spiritual path. I spent a few years in India as a contemplative monk, and engaged in deep philosophical enquiry into life. I wanted nothing more at the time.

But there was no escaping it for too long! Sooner or later I had to face the world of money again.  After some struggle with money, I started to shine the light of philosophy over the realms of prosperity, wealth, and abundance, exploring topics like the conscious manifestation, law of attraction,  and wealth creation. This soon led to topics like the history of money, monetary design, alterative and community currencies. And then my exploration led to the notion of value, and what is of real value.

Amongst many other trasure unerathed, this is what I found: Maybe money more pervasive than we like, or more powerful than it should be. Maybe we’ve given it centre stage and this needs to change. But whatever the case, it is far better to look at money, understand it and appreciate its true nature, rather than wishing it away.

Money is growing and evolving. It is more malleable than we think. And when you turn your light of consciousness on money, and when enough of us dare to do this,  when we look at money more intently and see it more clearly, it is then that we can start transforming money into a form that serves each of us and all of us in a better way.

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